Wolverine PASS 200 Portable Scanner Review

The Wolverine PASS 200 – Scan Documents and Images Wherever and Whenever you Want

Wolverine PASS 200 Portable ScannerAn Almost Effortless Way to Scan – If you are seeking an easy solution to scanning magazine entries, newspaper clippings, or images, then you will appreciate the Wolverine PASS-200 portable scanner – a handheld device that makes scanning an almost effortless process.

Streamlined Efficiency

What’s more, the new twin roller design on the handheld device makes scanning not only super simple but provides for more accuracy too. Powered by two AA batteries, the small scanner can handle any scanning task without relying on a computer or accompanying software in order to operate.

Just connect the scanner to your computer with the included USB cable after you get through scanning your documents. Scans are saved directly to a micro-SD memory card (purchased separately).

A Quick and Convenient Process

To begin the process, simply choose whether you want to scan in black and white or color before rolling the device over what you wish to scan. Once you’ve finished, connect the device to your computer for printing, saving, or emailing your scans.

Just like a flash drive, the portable green Wolverine PASS 200 handheld digital image scanner makes archiving documents a quick and convenient process.

Carry the PASS 200 Scanner, Even When You’re on the Go

You’ll definitely like the fact that you can scan books without bending spines or squashing pages with this handy device too. Small enough to include in a tote or backpack, you can scan documents just about anywhere without difficulty.

Wolverine PASS200 Handheld Portable Scanner

Besides the USB cord, the scanner comes with carrying bag, calibration card, user manual and a cloth to keep the device clean and free of dust. Documents are scanned in JPEG format at a width of 8 ½ inches. Scan resolution is 300/600 dpi.

Get Rid of the Paper Clutter in your House with the Wolverine PASS 200 Portable Scanner

You can’t help but appreciate the Wolverine PASS200 handheld scanner, especially if you have a tendency to hoard papers or any kinds of ephemera. Now you can scan and remove all types of sundry clippings and recipes that are cluttering your cabinets or drawers by using this small wonder of a scanning machine.

Wolverine PASS 200 Portable Scanner Reviews

Positive Reviews:

Most of the users who bought the Wolverine PASS 200 portable scanner agreed that the device was a helpful and affordable way to organize and store images and papers. One consumer said that he found the scanner worked better than the flatbed scanners he had previously used.

He found the Wolverine PASS-200 portable scanner great for scanning page after page of text as well as images. He, like many other satisfied reviewers, gave the Wolverine PASS200 portable scanner a 5-star rating.

One Negative Observation

In fact, no one gave the scanner poor marks although there was one consumer who gave the machine a 3-star review. However, this consumer said that the machine did not operate well when the batteries were weak as it produced distorted images. Obviously, not a problem if you replace the batteries.

Overall, the Wolverine PASS 200 Portable Scanner Receives a Five-star Rating

All in all, most of the consumers who purchased the Wolverine PASS 200 handheld digital image scanner gave it four and five-star reviews, with less than a third of that group giving the scanner four stars. Only one customer found that the scanner deserved a rating of three stars.

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